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Jan. 12th, 2012

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May. 3rd, 2011

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Deb Raven is a certified Life and Career Coach, receiving her training through The Life Purpose Institute in San Diego, California in 2006. Work and life experiences that support her ability to coach, lead workshops and to teach through public speaking include a background as a business manager, trainer and facilitator for over 25 years. She has trained and mentored hundreds of people throughout her life, both at the grass-roots and at the management level. She has written articles and had an advice column in The Winnipeg Sun, has been featured in a Life Coaching article by The Winnipeg Free Press, has facilitated over 100 workshops, and provides inspiration through her personal stories in her monthly newsletter, Empower Yourself.

Deb’s philosophy is: You don’t fall into a perfect life – you build it.


Deb, you ARE amazing! You have a gift and a light and the precision and the wherewithal to go the extra mile with your clients and really invite them to explore and encourage them to enrich their lives by knowing and embracing their true potential and authentic experience! You make a very real difference in the world around you, just by showing up and being you and sharing that fully and completely.
- Leanne H.
Deb is a one of a kind speaker and coach. Through attending Deb’s workshops and one-on-one coaching, I applied her strategies and was able to double my client base in 2 short months. If you are thinking about hiring Deb, do so with confidence! With your hard work and her guidance, the coaching will pay for itself and then some. Thank you Deb for your expertise and wisdom
- Heather R.
I have been working with Deb for almost a year now and the results are amazing. Deb has helped me take many steps toward my goals by keeping me accountable and encouraging me to live the life that I dream of living. I have made more progress personally and professionally in the last year than I made in the previous five years combined. Thank you Deb!
- Spencer S.
Deb Raven conducted a very inspirational workshop for the Charleswood United Church Women’s Retreat in April 2007 entitled "Create the Life you Love". Deb’s sincerity and ability to connect with the group created a supportive atmosphere that freed us to openly share our thoughts, feelings and dreams with each other. Deb's energetic, "can do" presentation and interactive exercises motivated us to dust off our long suppressed dreams from girlhood and take steps to make our lives what we always wanted them to be. I highly recommend Deb Raven for your group’s next workshop or retreat.
- Monika Franz-Lien
Charleswood United Church, Winnipeg
(Create the Life You Love workshop)